"Whose idea was it to move here again?"

Glenden, (Also known as No Man's Land, the Middle of God-Damn Nowhere, or just Nowhere for short,) is a small town in the Isaac Region of Queensland, Australia. It is what many would describe as a ghost town, a place where nobody lives, however, the remaining few have many stories to tell.



Those that live in Glenden, especially those that are minors, are known for their wacky, bizarre, and often cringey behaviour. Their daily lives mostly revolve around pure and utter cancer, from screaming at the top of their lungs to their lord and savior, Beavan, to dancing provocatively to meaningless bullshit while calling anyone else who does the same a slut.


  • Glenden was created in the year 30 by the almighty Lord Beaven, to give his followers a place close to him, so that they may worship him without issue. Well, without issues other than the fact that said worshippers are utterly toxic to anyone with half a brain.
  • In 1093, as a reward for their worship, Lord Beaven bestowed upon his worshipers a gift, The Mighty Bucket, a place commonly used for rituals by true followers of the Bev. Detailed instructions for these rituals can be found on the Bucket's page.
  • In 2012, a great darkness reached the town, a monster entering its streets known only as Heath, a disgusting creature who terrorizes Glenden to this day, its alluring voice leading to a never-ending torture for all who hear it, and its face causing the eyes of any witnesses to bleed until their body is dry.

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